Community Guidelines

Callin is a place for people to speak, so whenever speech is limited on our platform, there should be a good reason. Our philosophy of content moderation is based on our support for speech, as well as practical considerations to make Callin a useful platform for everyone involved. There are four main areas where speech may be limited on Callin. They are:

  • Speech restricted by the host. At its core, Callin is a platform for hosts to create shows. Their interests come first. Hosts have creative and practical control over their rooms and content. Hosts control who can and cannot speak in a room, as well as what content appears in their episodes. Users who are disruptive to hosts may be blocked from a room or removed from the platform entirely. When users enter a host’s room, they play by the host’s rules.
  • Speech restricted by underlying technology platforms. As an application, Callin relies on large technology platforms like Apple, Google, and Amazon to build, support, and distribute our service. To the extent that these underlying platforms restrict certain kinds of content (e.g., through their App Store terms of service), we will enforce those rules on our platform. Otherwise, there won’t be a platform.
  • Dangerous speech not protected by the First Amendment. The First Amendment to the Constitution protects a broad range of speech in the United States, but the Supreme Court has identified at least nine categories of dangerous speech that are not protected. These include defamation, incitement to commit a crime, fraud, fighting words, etc. If a type of speech is not protected by the First Amendment, it won’t be protected on our platform.
  • Speech or other activity prohibited by our Terms of Service. Our Terms of Service contain various limitations and restrictions regarding the use of our platform and user conduct generally, including restrictions on certain types of content (e.g., content that is infringing, violates law, poses a security risk, constitutes spam, promotes violence or hate or the like). Please review our Terms of Service carefully to make sure you understand our general rules of the road.

We believe the above strikes a reasonable balance between our strong support of freedom of expression and creating a useful platform that is inviting and valuable to everyone. We look forward to hearing from you on Callin.