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Rational discussion for a world broken by Covid.
Rational Ground
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Rational discussion for a world broken by Covid.
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Time for Battle: How to Stop Fauci’s Lockdowns (Again!)
On this podcast will be talking about the tools you need to fight the lockdowns on a national and local level. Our goal is to give you the research and tactics to thwart the lockdowns which might be coming again.
Nov 30 2021 • 46 min • 413 plays

Let’s talk about Omicron
The latest variant has everyone worried. Should you be?
Nov 28 2021 • 32 min • 340 plays

What are the ACTUAL risks of COVID-19
Get the details on how to calculate and convey to your friends, family, neighbors and elected officials the TRUE risks of Covid.
Nov 24 2021 • 43 min • 250 plays

Welcome to the Rational Ground Podcast
Your island oasis of sanity is a sea of chaos. Will introduce you to the core conflicts within the Covid data world and discuss the latest news around vaccines, mandates, and the rest of what impacts your every day life.
Nov 22 2021 • 1 hr 9 min • 264 plays